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The objectives of Carlow Kilkenny Skillnet are:

  • To develop training and development strategies that would:
  • Be delivered locally to reduce cost
  • Be appropriate to the business need of the member organisations
  • Utilise the existing expertise within the member organisations
  • Develop a pool of resources within the member organisations so that learning could be transferred at minimum cost
  • Develop innovative and creative training and development instruments and strategies
  • Provide networking opportunities and interaction with other organisations
  • To establish training networks to address training needs of the member organisations
  • To promote the active participation in the training programme of enterprises
  • To facilitate an enterprise-led option to training
  • To address the reluctance of individual enterprises to invest in training
  • To develop flexible and effective methods of delivering training
  • To examine innovative methods of promoting training
  • To support value-added training initiatives

Skillnets Ireland

Skillnets Ireland are approved training networks, consisting of groups of companies working together at the strategic level to establish industry standards, sectoral competencies and certification processes.

Skillnets Ireland is an industry-led body established to promote and support training in enterprises. Skillnets Irealnd was established in 1999 to provide a structure within which the Training Networks Programme would operate.

The Board of the company is comprised of seven business / employer representatives (IBEC, SFA, CCI, CIF), three employee representatives (ICTU) and three representatives nominated by the Minister of Education and Skills.