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Basic Computer Troubleshooting

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Date:        Postponed until Autumn

 Time:       9.30am to 1.00pm

Cost:        €95 per person

 Venue:   Gateway Business Centre, Athy road Carlow
Eventbrite - Basic Computer Troubleshooting
Day One

  1. An overview of the key computer components, what can fail and how you will know.
  2. The operating system and standard issues.  What tools can you use to fix common issues.
  3. Computer Security.  What are the risks and what you need to keep an eye out for.

Day Two

  1. An overview of a printers and the typical issues you will encounter.
  2. Computer Networking.  The key components in a typical computer network and how to identify issues.
  3. Basic Networking security.   Firewalls.   Folder and file security

At the end of the course a link will be provided to a webpage that will contain shortcuts to many of the free troubleshooting tools that are available on the internet