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People Management – QQI level 6 (6N3945)

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Date:           New date to be decided

Time:         9.30am to 5.00pm
Cost:          €395.00
Venue:      Carlow Gateway Business Centre, Athy Road Carlow
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This interactive, 3-day workshop is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to attain core management skills and a recognised certification in managing people.
This course looks at the role and responsibilities of a manager, and the key management techniques needed to achieve results.
On successful completion of this course and its assessments, you will be eligible for a QQI certificate in Managing People (Level 6).

Your Role as a Manager

  • Qualities of a good manager
  • The difference between a manager and a leader
  • Understand different management styles and their impact on staff
  • Learning to fit your role

Key Management Skills

  • Your responsibility as a positive role model
  • Building great working relationships
  • Achieving tasks pro-actively
  • Encouraging collaboration and feedback
  • Legislation, Equality and Diversity
  • Becoming familiar with relevant workplace legislation, including equality legislation.

Communication Skills

  • The Communication Process
  • Getting your message across clearly
  • Communicating with confidence across all levels
  • Representing your team well to upper management
  • Engaging with stakeholders

Team Work

  • Developing a productive team culture
  • Recognise who works best together and what they work best at
  • Identifying gaps in knowledge and skills
  • Team building exercises
  • Building and maintaining enthusiasm and morale
  • Addressing and resolving low morale

A Guide to Successful Human Resource Management

  • Motivation and Employee Engagement
  • Knowing the advantages of staff training
  • A guide in how to handle tricky situations
  • Performance Management
  • Identifying reasons for poor performance
  • Addressing poor performance constructively
  • Improving staff performance
  • Setting recognisable performance goals