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Project Management Essentials

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27th of September 2018

€95.00 per person

9.30am to 5.00pm

Gateway Business Centre, Athy road, Carlow

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As well as providing attendees with a thorough understanding of project characteristics, principles and key processes (by phase), this course also examines the barriers to great project planning and execution, and equips the participants with a simple methodology – to set clear objectives, to identify tasks, to allocate responsibility and resources and to set up appropriate project performance measurements and communications plans.

Target Audience

All employees of an organisation who engage in projects and who would benefit from having a detailed understanding of how projects are best planned, executed, monitored and controlled to ensure a successful outcome.

Goals and Objectives

On completion of this course, participants will have a detailed understanding of how projects are best planned, executed, monitored and controlled; thus ensuring a successful outcome for the project.

Project Management Introduction

  • Project Management Principles
  • Project Methodology
  • Project Life Cycle

Project Management Execution

  • What does good execution look like?
  • Project Management Phases
  • Project Management Deliverables
  • Completing a Project Charter

Project Governance

  • Project Roles
  • RASCI model

Project Management Planning (PMP)

  • What should a PMP contain?
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Time Management & Schedule Development

Monitoring & Controlling Projects

  • Managing Risks and Issues
  • How to Manage Project Change
  • Change Management Templates

Project Reporting & Control

  • Effective Progress Meetings
  • Effective team structures; assigning responsibilities
  • Status Reports

Project Close-Out

  • What is involved in Project Close?
  • Post Implementation Review

Summary and Review of Day